Our Trainiers:

Hitting: Graylin Derke
Pitching: Adam Bloebuam
Catching: Jason Riley
Outfield: Kim Gonzalez

Hitting Training
: The Rainiers' program is continuously upgrading and installing new equipment and technology to ensure it gives players high quality hitting training at every level. 

  • Cages: Our facility offers four hitting tunnels that can be used for a variety of hitting drills; tee work, front toss, L screen coach pitch batting practice, game-like batting practice with live pitching off mound, and machine batting practice.
  • Rapsodo: Technology that gives Rainiers players video playback with instant data feedback of their exit velocity, launch angle, exit direction, spin axis, and distance of hitting. Information is sent and save to individualized player accounts allowing players to establish baseline and track their progress as they work towards hitting goals.
  • 3-Wheel Hack Attack: Top of the market hitting machine that allows teams to simulate game like pitching, giving the opportunity to track and hit various pitch types and speeds.

Strength and Conditioning: The facility is equipped with squat racks, bench press, dumbbells, medicine balls, arm bands, and more to help our teams provide high quality strength and conditioning training for players.

Pitching Training: Full length tunnels and regulation size pitching mounds allow pitchers to train, throw bullpens, and pitch against live batter in preparation for regular season.

Fielding Training: With retractable tunnels, the facility can be transformed from batting cages to an open fielding space within minutes. This allowing teams to practice fielding skills when weather permits them from being outside.